We were absolutely thrillled! Having Rolf as our videographer for our big day was the best decision we have ever made! 
Rolf and Sascha showed up at church before everyone else so they were able to take some shots before people arrived. They were in the church and at the venue, filming with two cameras and capturesd some really special moments. They just blended in, as a matter of fact you did not even know they were there. They did interviews with some people (which we didn’t even notice on the day) and only saw those lovely messages when we first watched the film itself. They stayed until the end, making sure they are not missing anything! The day flew by and we got more and more excited to get the video. We spoke a couple of times over the phone/FaceTime, to discuss what kind of songs we would like to have in the video and that mean something to us. 
Whenever we watch the 1,5h video, we would like to watch it again. We absolutely love it! We decided to have a ‚highlights video‘ as well, a short video capturing the highlights of the day which we now both have on our phones and we are able to send it to family and friends.
The quality of both videos, the moments that they captured will be a lifetime memory! 

Rolf you are incredible and we are so glad we chose you to make these memories happen.